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$46,259.20 - $71,260.80 Annually 

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Clark County - Las Vegas, Nevada


Administrative Services

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This examination will establish an Open Competitive and Promotional list to fill current and/or future vacancies that may occur within the next six (6) months or may be extended as needed by the Office of Human Resources. 

Qualifying education and experience must be clearly documented in the "Education" and "Work Experience" sections of the application. Do not substitute a resume for your application or write "see attached resume" on your application. 

The successful candidate will start at the minimum of the salary range.





Education and Experience: Equivalent to completion of two years of college course work in law enforcement, criminal justice, police science, or a closely related field. 

Working Conditions: Must carry a firearm and meet and maintain applicable certification. Must work for extended periods of time outdoors and in potentially life-threatening situations. 

Licensing/Certification and other Requirements: Must possess a valid Nevada Class C driver's license at time of appointment. Must possess and maintain a valid Nevada P.O.S.T. Category I certification or another state's equivalent at time of application. The certification is due by the closing date and time of this recruitment. Applications submitted without a copy of candidate's Nevada P.O.S.T. Category I certification or another state's equivalent are incomplete and will not be considered. Required certifications/licenses may be attached to the on-line application, faxed to (702) 455-2253, or mailed/delivered to Clark County Human Resources, located within the Clark County Government Center at 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, 3rd Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89106. Candidate's name, recruitment title, and exam number must be clearly written on the P.O.S.T. certificate. 

Please Note: The Park Police Officer I will be hired subject to meeting the minimum requirements of the state laws and as directed by the State P.O.S.T. Coordinator prior to hiring. The employee must then successfully complete the basic course of training and pass the state proficiency examination and then must work one year on the job before the department can request certification. If he or she has a P.O.S.T. certificate acceptable to the state from another state, he or she may take the state proficiency examination, and, if passing, may start to work for the same year's probation. Qualification with assigned weapon is required prior to starting work. Failure to successfully complete required training shall be proper cause for termination. 

Background Investigation: Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background investigation. Per NAC 289.110 as amended and effective July 1, 2011, 
1. No person may be appointed to perform the duties of a peace officer unless he: 
(a) Has undergone a complete and documented investigation of his background which verifies that he has good moral character and meets the minimum standards established by the Commission; 
(b) Is a citizen of the United States; 
(c) Is at least 21 years of age at the time of his appointment; 
(d) Has successfully completed the 12th grade or has been certified by an appropriate authority as having an equivalent education; and 
(e) Has undergone a medical examination performed by a licensed physician who confirms in writing that no physical condition exists which would adversely affect his performance of the duties of a peace officer. The employing agency shall inform the examining physician of the specific functions required by the position to be filled. 
2. The investigation of the background of a person required pursuant to subsection 1 must include, without limitation: 
(a) An investigation of the current and past employment history of the person, including, without limitation, an examination of the duties that have been assigned to the person and any performance evaluations of the person; 
(b) An inquiry into the criminal history of the person in the State of Nevada and in any other state where the person is known to have resided, which must include, without limitation, any warrants issued for the person and the submission of the person's fingerprints to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its report; 
(c) An inquiry to the Department of Motor Vehicles and the appropriate entity in each other state in which the person is known to have resided regarding any driver's licenses the person has held and the driving record of the person; 
(d) A financial history of the person; 
(e) The educational background of the person; 
(f) The history of any military service of the person; 
(g) A history of each physical address where the person has resided; 
(h) A drug screening test; 
(i) A psychological evaluation; and 
(j) The use of a lie detector as defined in NRS 613.440 for a peace officer being appointed as a category I, category II or reserve peace officer. 
4. A person may not be appointed to perform the duties of a peace officer if he has: 
(a) Been convicted of a felony in this State or of any offense which would be a felony if committed in this State; 
(b) Been convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude or the unlawful use, sale or possession of a controlled substance; or 
(c) A documented history of physical violence. 

Periodically after employment background investigations may be conducted.


Provides information and appropriate assistance concerning department programs and park facilities. Explains and interprets park ordinances, rules and regulations. Lectures to school and community groups on park programs. Provides reports as required to supervisor's office. Patrols parks and other jurisdictional facilities for the purpose of controlling crime, preventing and detecting violations of laws, and making arrests or issuing citations for major violations on foot and by vehicle. Performs investigative duties regarding park complaints and incidents. Assists other law enforcement agencies when necessary. Provides crowd and traffic control coverage at special events and assigned recreation activities. Assists and provides appropriate first aid. Writes detailed reports on all accidents, arrest reports, other necessary reports. Testifies in court when necessary. Transports and books arrested persons. Responds to emergencies at park locations. Drives a County vehicle to transport persons, travel to various park locations, and respond to emergency situations. Performs other similar and related duties as required.







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