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137001, 137002




$45,884.80 - $77,126.40 Annually 

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Manassas, Virginia


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Prince William County Sheriff's Office is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Deputy Sheriff. Offering great benefits, competitive salary, VRS retirement, paid law enforcement academy training; 40-hour work week; state accredited agency. 

 General Definition of Work, Typical tasks, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


Performs law enforcement services consisting of civil process responsibilities, prisoner/EDP transport (emotionally disturbed persons), court services/security and fugitive investigations.

Work is performed under regular supervision of a Sheriff’s Sergeant.  May be assigned to an evening shift or night shift; or as an instructor.


Serves grand jury subpoenas;
Schedules and conducts court ordered evictions;
Transports prisoners and EDPs to and from confinement locations, hospitals, other jurisdictions and escort them to and from court or hearings;
Executes, serves and returns, as required, civil and criminal processes, court orders and Division of Motor Vehicles suspension orders;
Locates, levies, and seizes property and conducts public auctions;
Conducts residency investigations;
Conducts investigations on threat to judges, bomb threats and suspicious packages;
Gathers preliminary information regarding any threats and notifies immediate supervisor;
Provides security in court rooms and on Judicial Center property;
Affects arrests, forcibly if necessary;
Employs defensive tactics, maneuvers or deploys less lethal weapons when necessary and appropriate;
Conducts searches of buildings with an ability to search small confined spaces or attics when necessary;
Uses bodily force to gain entrance through barriers to search or seize persons or property;
Prepares detailed investigative offense reports, issues traffic summons, tow sheets, lab sheets and other administrative paperwork;
Operates an emergency vehicle during the day and night;
Loads, unloads, aims and fires handguns, shotguns and other firearms from a variety of body positions;
Performs searches of persons;
Performs tasks that may require lifting, carrying or dragging heavy objects such as an injured person;
Provides back up to primary law enforcement agencies conducting criminal or traffic investigations; 
Appears in court as a witness to give testimony;
Escorts funeral processions, parades and other special events;
Provides first aid and other assistance when needed;
Extradites fugitives that are apprehended in other states;
Works hours that conflict with regular eight-hour work schedule to include overtime.


General knowledge of Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures, federal/state laws and County ordinances; Some knowledge of police methods, practices and procedures; some knowledge of emergency equipment, services and restraint equipment; ability to occupy/operate a motor vehicle for long periods while maintaining mental alertness; ability to stand for extended period s with limited breaks; ability to retain and comprehend information received verbally and in writing; ability to adapt to shift/schedule changes and changes in working conditions; ability to prepare clear and detailed reports; ability to maintain composure and demonstrate appropriate restraint in stressful and dangerous situations; ability to escort prisoners and civil detainees with a variety of illnesses/injuries with due regard to surrounding hazards; ability to establish skills and qualify with departmental firearms; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and deal courteously but firmly with the public.




 Education and Experience:

Any combination of education, training and/or experience equivalent to graduation from high school or have passed a General Education Requirement (GED) equivalent.

Law enforcement certified preferred.

 Special Requirements:

Must successfully complete a criminal history and background check;
Must successfully complete an approved law enforcement academy within 12 months of hire;
Must be a minimum of 21 years of age;
Must possess a valid driver’s license;
Must pass a VCIN/NCIC Criminal History Check;
May be subject to a pre-employment physical exam or physical fitness test to ensure he/she meets job related physical requirements;
May be subject to a polygraph examination.


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