Entry Level Police Officer

Agency: Fremont Police Department

Location: Fremont CA

Industry: Protective Service

Occupational Category: Law Enforcement


Closing Date/Time:  Tue. 02/28/17 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Salary: $79,755.79/Year

Job Type: Full-time, regular



Under direct and indirect supervision, performs law enforcement and crime prevention work; controls traffic and investigates vehicle accidents; enforces state and local traffic regulations, laws and ordinances; performs related work as assigned or required.


 Essential Functions:

• Operates motorized equipment in patrolling or walks an assigned area for the prevention of crime and the enforcement of laws and regulations.
• Responds to radio messages or telephone instructions and appears at scenes of crime or disorder.
• Investigates and prepares reports on accidents, offenses and damage to property.
• Receives and gives direction and information.
• Makes arrests.
• Issues citations.
• Gives verbal warnings.
• Prepares reports on arrests and property impounded.
• Directs traffic.
• Inspects establishments providing alcoholic beverages and entertainment.
• Intervenes in private or public disputes to protect the public and maintain order.
• Appears in court to give testimony as the arresting officer, transports prisoners.
• Serves subpoenas and warrants; participates in police training conferences and programs.
• Observes and reports conditions conducive to crime or which might endanger public safety.
• Writes case reports and a log of activities.
• When assigned, obtains and preserves physical evidence at crime scenes, takes crime scene photographs.
• Searches for, dusts and lifts latent fingerprints.
• Prepares physical evidence for court.
• When assigned, under close supervision, performs duties including assisting in investigations of violations of laws, the collection and preservation of evidence, the apprehension and arrest of law violators, use of criminal records, making reports of cases handled and action taken.
• Interrogates victims, witnesses and suspects.
• Appears in court to present evidence, and otherwise assists in criminal investigations.

Marginal Functions

• Other duties as assigned.


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Minimum Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to: Understand and apply departmental policies, rules and instructions; laws, regulations and police literature; analyze situations and adopt a quick, effective and reasonable course of action; write clear and accurate reports; understand and follow written and verbal directions; learn the use and care of automobiles, equipment and firearms; observe and remember places, names, faces and details of incidents; communicate effectively with people from a variety of socio economic backgrounds; establish and maintain effective working relationships and to demonstrate aptitude for law enforcement work.

Incumbents must possess the physical and mental capacity to work under the conditions described in this document and to perform the duties required by their assigned position.


Any combination of education and/or experience that has provided the knowledge and skills necessary to satisfactory job performance would be qualifying. High school graduation required. Submission of a CHSPE, Certificate of Proficiency, California High School Equivalency Certificate, or GED Official Report of Test Results showing an overall score of at least 45 and a standard score of at least 35 on any test section, will be accepted in lieu of high school diploma.

Licenses/Certificates/Special Requirements

Citizenship: California Government Code Section 1031(a) requires that Police Officers be citizens of the United States. California Government Code Section 1031.5 requires that permanent resident aliens who desire to be employed as Police Officers must apply for citizenship at least one (1) year before making application for the position.

Age: 20 1/2 at closing date for filing.