Police Officer

Agency: Avondale Police Department

Location: Avondale AZ

Industry: Protective Service

Occupational Category: Law Enforcement


Job Type: Full Time

Job Number: 2016-00089

Closing: 12/27/2016 11:59 PM Arizona


Job Description

Cadet pay $25.03

Training pay $25.65

Step one $26.28

Please review the Supplemental Information below for important information, such as the test date, time, and location. This posting will be removed on December 27, 2016 at 11:59 pm and the information here will no longer be accessible.

The City of Avondale is looking for career-oriented applicant(s) who desire to be a Police Officer for the City of Avondale. The successful candidate(s) must be an individual that shares the values of the Avondale Police Department. They must display the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards. Must be team oriented with a high level of maturity and personal responsibility. Applicant(s) must display cultural awareness and sensitivity. This position requires personal dedication to Community Policing Concepts and how it applies to the community.


The best qualified applicant(s) will be selected to attend the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA) as an Avondale Police Recruit, and upon successfully completing ALEA, begin the Field Training Officer phase.



Essential Functions

Responds to calls for service by contacting complainants and suspects, conducting investigations, gathering information, completing interviews, documenting facts, making arrests when necessary, and writing reports. Is responsible for implementing community policing activities which include but are not limited to initiating and furthering " beat projects" to address public safety concerns in their assigned area.

Patrols designated areas by operating the patrol vehicle, walking, observing, watching for traffic violators, and providing customer service.

Conducts crime investigations by locating physical evidence, victims, witnesses, and suspects, gathering statements, investigating the crime scene, coming to a conclusion about the crime, and making arrests when necessary.

Performs other duties as assigned by testifying in court, holding training sessions, acting as detention/booking officer, assisting other bureaus, serving warrants, and conducting some supervisory tasks.


Job Requirements

Work requires knowledge of a specific vocational, administrative, or technical nature which may be obtained with six months/one year of advanced study or training past the high school equivalency. Junior college, vocational, business, technical or correspondence schools are likely sources. Appropriate certification may be awarded upon satisfactory completion of advanced study or training.

No previous experience required.

Valid Arizona Operator's Driver License. Above average physical conditioning: includes running, climbing, crawling, and possess the ability to pass and maintain an entry level officer's physical fitness requirements (measured by the FitForce Standards Test).







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