Police Officer

Location: Coppell, TX

Agency: Coppell Police Department



$29.03 - $33.54 Hourly 
$2,322.40 - $2,683.20 Biweekly 
$5,031.87 - $5,813.60 Monthly 
$60,382.40 - $69,763.20 Annually


CLOSING DATE:    Continuous



Basic Function


A Police Officer for the City of Coppell provides essential law enforcement and community services to City residents, business owners, visitors and other City and law enforcement personnel. General duties include, but are not limited to, motorized, bicycle and foot patrols, response to dispatched calls for emergency and law enforcement services, alley checks, residence and business as well as alarm checks, routine traffic enforcement, accident investigation and other public service duties.



Essential Job Functions


*Drive patrol car, perform bicycle and foot patrol services and provide enforcement, protection and crime prevention services under the laws of the City of Coppell, the State of Texas and United States.


*Enforce city ordinances, state and federal laws and written and unwritten directives.


*Produce crime, accident and other reports as required or instructed.


*Conduct accurate, thorough and complete investigations as required or instructed.


*Preserve crime scenes and process information as required or instructed.


*Follow-up on prior calls for service as required or instructed.


*Assist other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, fire department and animal control agencies as required or instructed.


*Administer CPR/first aid in emergency medical situations.


*Apprehend, arrest, book and process criminal suspects and transfer prisoners from other localities.


*Attend and testify in scheduled and required court sessions.


*Attend daily briefings.


*Participate in community policing efforts through business and citizen contacts, non-enforcement public contacts, crime prevention checks, community relations, safety representations, and neighborhood crime watch programs.


*Demonstrate competent and continuing weapons proficiency.


*Routinely inspect, maintain and ensure equipment upkeep.


*Assist other officers, provide field training for new recruits as appropriate or assigned.


*Maintain regular work attendance, arrive at work on time and work in assigned area; this may include overtime hours being worked on an as-needed basis.


*Assist in other areas where staffing shortages exist.


*Participate in special assignments (both law enforcement and non-law enforcement).


*Maintain continuing professional education through scheduled training classes and legal updates.


*Complete assignments in a professional and timely manner.


*Serve on various advisory and other police/civic related committees as assigned or instructed and maintain related records.


*Perform other related duties as required, requested or instructed.




Technical Competencies


Knowledge and ability to correctly apply professional/specialized expertise; skillfully manage information; properly use tools, equipment and technology; effectively allocate resources; proactively identify and resolve issues; consistently make sound decisions; correctly execute policy processes and procedures; strictly adhere to/enforce safety polices; consistently produce quality results; proactively plan and organize; consistently provide exceptional customer service.


 Human Competencies


Motivation of Self & Others: We demonstrate a core desire to serve the Public and the Organization through our commitment, passion, initiative and drive.


Leadership of Self & Others: We motivate, inspire and influence others to strive towards excellence by being participatory, positive, accountable, team focused, influential in goal achievement, and empowering.


Service –Oriented:   We behave in a friendly and professional manner centering on a desire to address the needs of internal and external customers while respecting their rights and dignity by being people-oriented, helpful, understanding and compassionate.


Trustworthy: We earn the confidence of others by demonstrating both the character and the competence to fulfill our obligations with both integrity and honesty along with ethical,credible behavior.


Relational: We establish trust, cooperation, mutual respect and support with an objective to improve relationships by valuing diversityandbeing diplomatic/tactful, cooperativeempatheticbroadminded,flexiblerespectful and compassionate/caring.


Communication: We exchange information and ideas in a manner which results in mutually supported decisions for the greater good by sharing thoughts & feelings, and through persuasiveness,assertiveness, empathic listening, conflict resolution and deliberating/debating.


Emotional Maturity: We demonstrate the ability to manage and monitor our emotions and to assess the emotional state of others by understanding stress managementbalance and consistency.


Development of Self & Others: We are committed to improving the knowledge, skills, personal qualifications and performance of ourselves and others through coaching, counseling/discipline, delegation and self-development.


Conceptual Competencies


Organizational Awareness: We are aware of the Organization's structure and culture for how we do business by understanding organizational structure, departmental impact on organization, interdepartmental relations, organizational cultureorganizational developmentand leadership style.


Global Awareness: We stay informed of issues and trends that may impact the Organization by understanding intergovernmental relations,political awareness, and media/public relations.


Community Awareness: We have a sense of the community's culture and its impact on service delivery by understanding purpose of service, citizen/stakeholder expectations, demographics and branding.


Professional Insight: We thoroughly understand our particular professions and apply the principles and ethics required in the professions' service delivery by applying principles, professional ethics and by understanding futuring/profession trends, legal implications and resource planning.


Innovation: We successfully implement ideas that improve and/or add value to service delivery through creative thinking, risk taking, continuous improvement and by being quality minded and a change agent.


Critical Thinking: We actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information to reach a sound answer or conclusion by understanding issue/problem identification, analysis, consequences, and by balancing decision factors.


Visioning: We understand the future direction of the Organization and understand the efforts and processes needed to achieve it through goal setting and by following the mission/values







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