Job Title:         Police Officer/Recruit

Salary:             See Position Description

Job Type:        Full-Time

Agency:           Grapevine Police Department

Location:         Grapevine, Texas


Provides crime prevention and law enforcement responsibilities for the conduct of routine patrols, preliminary, criminal and specialized investigations, and traffic control duties in a designated area during an assigned shift.

Starting Police Recruit salary is $4,273.36/mo., plus benefits (those attending the Basic Academy)
$4,487.06/mo. plus benefits for applicants with TCOLE license and less than 24 months of Police Officer experience
$4,711.42/mo. plus benefits for applicants with TCOLE license and more than 24 months of Police Officer experience.


 Nature & Scope:

The Police Recruit will attend BCAPS at a local accredited training facility that has been approved by the Chief of Police.
The Police Recruit must pass all written and physical tests in order to satisfactorily complete the course.
The Police Recruit will adhere to the rules and regulations of the Grapevine Police Department, City of Grapevine, and the training facility.
The Police Recruit must attend all courses related to the BCAPS program.  Any absence from the course must be approved by the Field Training Supervisor and must not exceed 5% of the required attendance. 
The Police Recruit must pass the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) licensing exam.
Any time spent between the date of hire and the beginning of the BCAPS program will include internal policy and procedure training and other duties as scheduled by the Grapevine Police Department.

For the Police Officer position:
With limited supervision this position patrols an assigned area(s) of the City of Grapevine and through the application judgment (developed from training, education and experience) performs crime prevention and detection activities enforcing federal, state and local laws, preserving peace and protecting property and lives.  Typical duties include:

  1.  Patrol an assigned area to prevent and detect criminal activities.  Normally operating a City vehicle. Initiate applicable investigation techniques to develop and prosecute criminals under each offense. Documentation of investigative actions, interviews, interrogations, subpoena procurement; written statements; affidavits for evidentiary warrants and arrest warrants; evidence collection; identification, location and apprehension of perpetrator and property recovery. Prepare and present case to District Attorney's office. Investigates non-criminal actions such as missing persons, internal affairs, found property, etc. Conducts specialized undercover investigations as assigned.
  2. Respond to emergency calls to protect lives and property often times involving criminal activities. Apprehending suspected criminals as situation dictates.
  3. Prepare activity reports detailing patrol/investigation occurrences and submit reports to superiors for review.
  4. Enforce traffic laws through patrol and issuance of citations.
  5. Investigate and prepare crime/traffic reports on criminal activities and traffic accidents.
  6. File required reports for the court and legal process and appear and testify in court as required.
  7. Participate in Police Department crime prevention and education programs and activities.




 Required Skills:

Candidates must possess one of the following requirements:

No DWI (alcohol or drugs) convictions in the last ten years.

No felony convictions.

Must never have been convicted, put on court-ordered community supervision, or probation for any criminal offense above the grade of Class B misdemeanor or a Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years from the date of the court order.

No convictions, deferred adjudication, or probation for assault family violence or theft. 

Must be 21 years of age, and have or be eligible to obtain a valid Texas driver's license by hire date.
Employees who are designated to drive a commercial motor vehicle in a non-emergency situation must have and maintain a CDL driver's license.

Must have the physical ability to accomplish the job and protect one's self.

Must have knowledge of state and local laws and as required by city management, additional knowledge must be developed through specialized educational programs.

Position requires applicant to pass a full background investigation, polygraph exam, and psychological exam.







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