Police Officer

Agency: Oklahoma City Police Department

Location: Oklahoma City OK

Industry: Protective Service

Occupational Category: Law Enforcement



Salary:  $44,098.56 - $61,596.00 Annually

Job Type: Full Time

Job Number: 201700222

Closing: 10/1/2017 11:59 PM Central


Job Summary and Essential Job Functions

This job is located in the Police Department and is the entry-level position for all sworn officers.

Prior to the initial job assignment, the employee is required to complete college level work in the Police Department Recruit Academy, and successfully pass the law enforcement proficiency examination mandated by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) for entry level police officers. Applicants must also meet the minimum physical standards set forth by the State of Oklahoma in the Oklahoma Police Pension and Retirement Board Administrative Code.

Upon completion of the Police Recruit Academy, the probationary officer is assigned to field duty, which consists of both routine and complex law enforcement responsibilities, and can include assignment(s) in specialized law enforcement units. This job requires the officer to enforce federal and state laws, city ordinances, case laws and to adhere to departmental policies and procedures.  Actions taken on the job can have a strong impact on the safety and welfare of the public and an officer can be involved in situations resulting in the loss of life or in the taking of another person's life.

An officer is the most visible representative of the local government in a range of public relations functions, including; talking to a variety of groups and individuals, communicating with other law enforcement agencies; and talking with professionals such as judges, lawyers, and doctors. The job is also physically demanding, requiring the stamina and strength to work assigned shifts under all environmental conditions, ride in or drive a motor vehicle safely for extended periods of time, defend himself/herself and others in actual physical combat, occasionally lift and move people or heavy objects and climb, jump, or otherwise overcome physical obstacles and run various distances.


Job Requirements








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