Police Officer

Agency: Akron Police Department

Location: Akron OH

Industry: Protective Service

Occupational Category: Law Enforcement


Salary: $53,206.40 - $62,150.40 Annually

Job Type: Permanent

Job Number: 2017-O-21-510

Closing: 5/26/2017 11:59 PM Eastern



This is general duty public protection, law enforcement, and criminal investigation work.

An employee in this class is responsible for the preservation of public peace, prevention of crime, detection and arrest of violators, protection of life and property, the enforcement of all criminal laws of the State of Ohio, and enforcement of ordinances of the City of Akron.

Works under the general supervision of a superior officer and in accordance with rules, regulations, established procedures and standards, and rigid training; however, conditions of emergency, public danger, personal danger, civil disorder, and sensitive public opinion require instant decisions, tact, courtesy, and mature judgment. Employee is held responsible for conduct on and off duty.

Appointment is the first day of paid employment.  Depending on existing circumstances of the City of Akron, candidates may be required to:
1. Attend an outside accredited Police Academy paid for by the City of Akron on their own time without pay before  appointment or;

2. Attend an accredited Police Academy put on by the City of Akron on their own time without pay before appointment or;

3.  Attend the Akron Police Academy after appointment and receive a training wage.  

AFTER APPOINTMENT, newly hired candidates will receive a training wage of $15.00 per hour.   Upon successful completion of all required academy training and securing necessary certifications, the wage will increase to at least $25.58 per hour.  Failure to complete the required training and/or acquire required certifications will result in disqualification for the position or termination.


Characteristic Work

Patrols assigned district/sector to detect and prevent crimes and identify suspicious conduct.  Detects criminal activities, investigates, and determines need for arrest and further questioning.  Engages in regular citizen contact.  Listens to citizen complaints and answers citizen inquiries during course of shift.  Responds to calls for service/assistance.  Operates a motor vehicle safely using lights and sirens in accordance with departmental policies and the law.  Determines if elements of a crime have been met. Establishes control of the scene.  Requests additional assistance/back-up, as needed.  Protects the safety of self, citizens, and other personnel.  Interviews victim(s), witness(es) and suspect(s).  Uses discretion in determining whether to arrest or issue summons.  Maintains traffic control and conducts related investigative activities.  Checks registration and license number.  Provides emergency assistance.  Enforces traffic laws.  Completes accident reports and related paperwork.  Performs arrest and detention procedures.  Obtains information on suspect (e.g., warrant, physical description) and conducts thorough search of individual to find weapons or contraband.  Uses reasonable force.  Collects and prepares evidence for court cases and testifies in court.  Prepares thorough reports. Reviews reports and other documentation of the case in order to provide testimony in court.  Attends roll call and prepares for duty.  Listens to description of major incidents, department announcements, citizen requests for patrol and stolen auto reports.  Inspects equipment for proper functioning.  Reports for duty wearing proper equipment and dressed appropriately.  Reads bulletins to identify events in sector (e.g., warrants, special activities, etc.).  Converses with other personnel to exchange information on crimes.  Completes reports and performs other administrative duties utilizing computers and other standard office equipment.  Submits completed reports to supervisor in a timely manner.  Uses MDB/dispatcher to obtain information.  Uses and maintains firearms and weapons properly.  Attends in-service training.  May perform duties associated with specialized units.  Performs related work as required. 

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited high school or GED.  Candidates must be within the age range 21 years through 35 years at the time of the written examination.  Possession of a valid Ohio operator's license, free of revocation or suspension. Must pass a thorough background investigation which includes, in part, a review of criminal history.  Felony convictions are disqualifying and individuals cannot currently be on probation or parole.  Candidates must have the ability to safely perform the essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation.  Candidates must meet established physical standards under Ohio Law and become certified Ohio Peace Officers and maintain departmental physical standards.  Must meet Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund medical requirements.

Ability to read and learn new skills and information such as laws, department policies, rules and procedures.  Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions.  Ability to satisfactorily complete the prescribed course of police training including OPOTC certification.  Ability to exercise good judgment using common sense and analytic ability.  Ability to understand other people and own impact on interactions.  Ability to be clear and understandable through both oral and written communication.  Ability to develop rapport, reduce conflict, and show concern for the rights of others.  Ability to be composed and rational in stressful situations.  Ability to minimize safety hazards to self and others.  Ability to handle emergency response, including pursuit on foot, use of restraint techniques, firearms use, and victim rescue.  Ability to operate a motor vehicle safely and legally.  Ability to perform high quality work, meeting standards and expectations regardless of circumstances.  Ability to access information, complete work, and submit work effectively using computerized systems and standard office equipment.  Ability to effectively respond to changing demands and environments.   
Skill in active listening, communicating, and receiving communication.  Skill in basic math.  Skill in the use of weapons.  Cannot be prohibited by law from acquiring, having, carrying, or using firearms.







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