Crime Intelligence Analyst

Agency: Carlsbad Police Department

Location: Carlsbad CA

Industry: Protective Service

Occupational Category: Law Enforcement


Closing Date/Time:                        Thu. 03/02/17 5:00 PM Pacific Time


Salary:                                               $26.63 - $41.06 Hourly
$2,130.77 - $3,284.62 Biweekly
$55,400.00 - $85,400.00 Annually 


Job Type:                                         Full-Time


The Position

The City of Carlsbad is ideally situated in north San Diego County where a great climate, beautiful beaches and lagoons, and abundant natural open space, combine with world class resorts, family attractions, well-planned neighborhoods, a diverse business sector and a charming village atmosphere to create the ideal California experience. We provide a team-oriented environment, competitive compensation, training and development, and a culture of excellence.

The City of Carlsbad is searching for a highly qualified, talented professional for the position of Crime Intelligence Analyst in the Police Department. This position is responsible for performing professional analytical and administrative duties in support of crime research, analysis, and project work, assist police officers and provide them with actionable information, analyze crime patterns, statistics, and track trends.  This position is also responsible for liaising with other crime and intelligence analysts, relaying and disseminating crime information; and related work as required.

Annual Salary Ranges:
Crime Intelligence Analyst:  $55,400– $76,200
Senior Crime Intelligence Analyst:  $62,300 – $85,400

The Crime Analyst is a two level job family.
Crime Analyst is the fully experienced journey-level professional.  Incumbents are expected to perform their duties independently with only occasional instructions and assistance as new or unusual situations arise; and are fully aware of the procedures and policies of the department.  Incumbent's work is reviewed for soundness of judgment and overall effectiveness.
The Senior Crime Analyst works under general direction; requires breadth and depth of use and application of theories, concepts and techniques; provides solutions to a wide range of the most difficult and complex problems; and assigns, reviews, and directs the work of administrative staff and other professionals.  Incumbent's work is reviewed upon completion for adequacy in meeting objectives, and incumbents participate in determining objectives.
Either position is distinguished from the Management Analyst series in that Crime Analyst is only allocated to the Police Department.  Management Analysts typically provide departmental professional support in the areas of budgets, human resources, grants, agenda bills, and the development of departmental goals, objectives and policies. 


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 Key Responsibilities:

In addition to the department's business need, typically, a Crime Analyst must possess and demonstrate at least 80% of the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities at a given level to be assigned to that level.  Listed below is a representative sample; position assignments may vary.
Perform research and statistical analysis of crime data using a variety of sources; and make recommendations as appropriate.  Conduct analytical studies, track data, produce trend information, and prepare crime maps, charts, graphs, bulletins, spreadsheets, briefings, and related materials.
Identify and explain crime activity, trends, patterns, and characteristics.
Maintain records and files, and develop reports and presentations.
Prepare and disseminate crime information to applicable interested parties within the department, city, county and state.  Act as a liaison with other law enforcement personnel within the department or other agencies to exchange crime information.
Represent the city in the community with citizens and private sector representatives, and at professional associations.  Assist in or lead the coordination of activities with outside agencies.  Respond to department, agency, and the public requests for information. 
Prepare public statistics for crime data reporting to state, regional and federal agencies.
Project management as assigned: define, develop, and implement projects and special assignments.
Contract Administration; assist with the preparation of Requests For Proposal's; may aid in analysis, negotiation, and vendor selection; administer contracts.
May provide training and assistance to volunteers, interns, and/or staff.
Other duties deemed necessary to the position.



Knowledge of:

         Applicable federal, state, and local laws, codes, rules, and regulations.

         Principles and practices of data collection and report writing.

         Methods and techniques of research, statistical analysis, and data presentation.

         Word processing, spreadsheets, and database software.


         Using computers and related software applications.

         Writing, compiling and presenting reports.

         Monitoring compliance with applicable governmental regulations.

         Collecting, compiling, analyzing, and presenting data, and making recommendations.

         Generating reports, maps, charts, graphs and other visual aids.

         Working independently and as a member of a team.

         Communication, interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with coworkers, supervisor, the general public, etc. sufficient to exchange or convey information and to receive work direction.


Experience & Education:

Crime Analyst: Bachelor's Degree with major coursework in mathematics/statistics, public administration, criminal justice or a related field; and a minimum of two years of increasingly responsible analytical and/or research work experience, preferably in a law enforcement agency; or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above.  Experience in police work, and/or investigations is highly desirable.
Senior Crime Analyst: In addition to the requirements listed for the Crime Analyst: A Senior Analyst will possess a minimum of three years of experience working at the level of a city Crime Analyst.  A master's degree is highly desirable.