Police Officer

Agency: Houston Independent School District Police Department

Location: Houston TX

Industry: Protective Service

Occupational Category: Law Enforcement


JobID: 20880


Location:                                      Area:                                  Job Category:

HISD P.D. Patrol Annex             Central                               Police, Security & Safety


Job Code:                                    Contract Type:               Months:

PS0125                                         None                                  11


Salary Minimum:                        Salary Maximum:          

$40,000                                         $53,000                            




Job Code: PS0124, PS0125, PS012H, PS0184



Job FamilyPublic Safety

JOB SUMMARY Under direct supervision, administers a safe learning and working environment by protecting the rights and property of the students, staff, and the district. Promotes safety and crime awareness and prevention. Implements proactive programs for the purpose of carrying out this mission. Trains probationary Police Officers. Establishes and maintains positive relationships with the community.

List most important duties first:


  1. Patrols school grounds and surrounding area for student, faculty and community safety. Responds to calls for service on and off campus. Performs tactical operations in and around schools in an effort to combat criminal activity. Assists with the implementation of safety programs. Conducts annual Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) audits. May assist with security plans for video surveillance. Patrols district areas with high traffic volumes and speeding vehicles.
  2. Conducts and/or interfaces with the Houston Police Department and other outside agencies regarding in-depth timely investigations to solve criminal acts on the campus. Develops forms for processing juvenile and adults in custody for criminal acts. Contacts the Assistant District Attorney’s Office for proper charges. Transports juveniles and adults to the proper holding facility. Conducts gang-related investigations and responds to gang-related activity at the campus.
  3. Assists school administration with disruptive students and parents. Holds student, parent and administrator conferences concerning student misbehavior. Issues warnings or citations for violations of the Texas Penal Code and the Houston Municipal Ordinan
  4. Generates and downloads offense reports regularly, attends court when subpoenaed, and responds to emergency calls for service that occurs after normal business hours.
  5. May conduct police canine searches for illegal substances and weapons throughout the district. May perform police canine drug-free demonstrations for students. May assist law enforcement officials with police canine performances.
  6. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


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EDUCATION: 30 college hours.
Two years of military time with an honorable discharge or paid law enforcement experience will be considered in lieu of 30 college hours.

WORK EXPERIENCE: 0 – 6 months

Microsoft Office
TCLEOSE (police). Must meet the TCLEOSE requirements and be eligible for HISD to carry the certification
Vehicles (e.g., automobile, truck, tractor, forklift)

LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES: No supervisory or direct people management responsibilities. May provide occasional work guidance, technical advice and training to staff.

WORK COMPLEXITY/INDEPENDENT JUDGMENT: Work and tasks are often straightforward, routine, structured and guided by established policies and procedures. Little, if any, independent judgment is required, outside of making basic choices in the selection and application of established methods

BUDGET AUTHORITY: No budget development activity is required.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Decisions are made on both routine and non-routine matters with some latitude, but are still subject to approval. Job is occasionally expected to recommend new solutions to problems and improve existing methods or generate new ideas.

IMPACT OF DECISIONS: Decisions have minor, small and possibly incremental impact on the department or facility. Errors are usually discovered in succeeding operations where most of the work is verified or checked and is normally confined to a single department or phase of the organizational activities resulting in brief inconvenience.

COMMUNICATION/INTERACTIONS: Collaborate and solve problems - works with others to resolve problems, clarify or interpret complex information/policies, and provide initial screening/negotiations without approval authority. Interactions are typically with customers, senior level professional staff, and managers.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS: Takes routine or required customer actions to meet customer needs. Responds promptly and accurately to customer complaints, inquiries and requests for information and coordinates appropriate follow-up.
May handle escalated issues passed on from coworkers or subordinates.

WORKING/ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Work involves continuous exposure to hazardous substances, potentially dangerous situations, and unpleasant work conditions such as adverse weather conditions or extreme risk of accidental or ill health. Ability to carry and/or lift 45 pounds or more.