Police Officer Examination Cycle

Agency: Peoria Police Department

Location: Peora Police Department

Industry: Protective Service

Occupational Category: Law Enforcement


Salary:  $56,154.24 Annually

Job Type: Permanent Full-Time

Job Number: 2017-02

Closing: 3/22/2017 5:00 PM Central



Announcing an examination cycle for placement into the City of Peoria

 April, 2017 Police Eligibility Pool.

Salary : $56,154.24 ($57,558.07 after certified training)

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 22, 2017 or postmarked or faxed by March 22, 2017.

 Application must include the following:

1.  Photocopy of Driver's License.

2.  Photocopy of Birth Certificate. NOTE: This should be a copy of the registered (or certified) birth certificate, which is on file at the courthouse in the county of birth. The hospital certificate (with the footprints of the newborn) is NOT an acceptable document.

3.  Photocopy of High School Diploma OR High School Transcript OR GED Certificate.  (You still need to submit a copy of your High School Diploma, High School Transcript or GED Certificate even if you have received a college degree.)


Study guides for the written examination will be mailed to candidates as we receive the completed application with the required documents.



Examples of Duties

This is public safety work at the entry level in the protection of life and property and the enforcement of laws and ordinances.

Work involves responsibility for learning how to negotiate, mediate and resolve conflicts and disputes; use discretionary coercive physical or legal force when necessary; make immediate and independent judgments, with little or no consultation, affecting the lives, freedom and reputations of citizens while being held fully accountable and responsible to the law and the City for decisions made and consequences of action or inaction taken; safeguard constitutional and statutory rights of individuals; answer to multiple authorities and parties for actions taken; make on-the-spot decisions under conditions of personal hazards and internal and external stress; and how to exercise considerable discretion while taking effective action, based upon sound judgment and knowledge, to resolve existing emergencies or to prevent possible emergencies or criminal activities. Work is performed under close supervision and is subject to inspection while in progress and upon completion.


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Minimum Qualifications


AGE: 21 years old by date of written examination, or 20 years old, if successfully completed two (2) years of law enforcement studies at an accredited college or university. Cannot have attained age 35 when the application is submitted.  (By State statute, exceptions made for individuals with prior municipal police experience. See the Human Resources Department for additional information).

EDUCATION: Minimum: Graduation from High School or GED equivalency accepted. Prefer candidates with Associate's Degree or hours toward Bachelor's Degree.

MILITARY:  A Veteran shall be allowed to exceed the maximum age provision by the number of years served on active military duty, but by no more than 10 years of active military duty (45 years of age).

OTHER:  U.S. Citizenship; valid driver's license; physical condition to perform the essential functions of the position and pass physical agility exam; no felony conviction.

VISION-HEARING: Must meet minimum standards for vision and hearing and cannot be color-blind. Applicants who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses must meet minimum standards of visual acuity. Vision with corrective lenses should not be less than 20/20 in the better eye, 20/40 in the worst eye, and 20/20 with both eyes open. Uncorrected vision should not be less than 20/200 in either eye.


RESIDENCY: Applicants need not be residents of the City to apply. When hired, you can establish and maintain principal place of residency within a 20 mile radius of Peoria Police Department.